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[ ad ] the shame
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27th-Jul-2008 09:59 pm - the day i got alien implant
[ xf ] loser by choice
So six years ago, when the X-Files ended, Dawn and I promised each other that when the second movie came out we would have to see it together. Knowing Chris Carter it was safe to commit to that, what were the odds that the man would actually sit down and write something? That wasn't addressed to his pot dealer? None to none, I said.

Flash forward to 2008 - oh shit, there's a movie coming out! Uh... crap. Now we have to see it together. But this was going to be hard. How could the laziest girls on the planet manage to meet up to see this movie? Put the two of us together and we don't even make half a functioning human being. This was looking bleak. Two weeks ago:

"You come to LA."
"No, you come to Seattle."
"I can't, I'm broke."
"Well, fuck it, let's just go to Vegas."
"Let's see it in Roswell!"
"This is pathetic enough... if we're gonna geek out, might as well be in a cool place. Vegas!"

Dawn and Carolina's X-Files Adventure, Or How We May Now Be Involved In Some Dark Government ConspiracyCollapse )

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